Long term ilness

Occasionally human beings suffer from life threatening serious injuries after an accident which either lead to death, loss of limb (amputation), fractures, broken bones, fatalities, body burns, contracted diseases, or leave a long lasting impact upon a persons life and their family.

A person and their dependents can be mentally and psychologically affected by severe lifestyle changing injuries which alters the future of an individual and their families.

Long time injuries can stem from situations such as:-

  • Repeated medical or hospital visits
  • Undergoing lengthy medical treatment
  • Lengthy absences from work
  • Amputations and Loss of Limb(s)
  • Fractures or broken bones (single or open breaks - compound or comminute)
  • Damage to an organ
  • Long term diseases contracted
  • Body burns - first, second, third or fourth degree could lead to significant life changing injuries
  • Fatalities can result immediately or from prolonged diseases or accidents

Such long term injuries due to accidents or negligence from third parties, such as employers and drivers (s), must be held accountable for their negligent actions, failing in their duty of care, and should recompense injured parties. Victims naturally need to feel that they will be fully treated for their medical ailments which will return them to their original state or make life physically and mentally at ease for them.

Furthermore, after consultation with appropriate legal representatives, claim specialists or insurance companies a suitable personal injury claim will aim to recover the financial losses occurred to stop further suffering for the victims and their dependents.

Victims losses can include :-

  • Cost of medical treatment or Carers support employed
  • Loss of earnings
  • Travel expenses
  • Long Term impact of future handicap in obtaining employment and restricted career options
  • Physical impact of adapting your home to deal with ling term illnesses and associated support structure
  • Help in dealing with psychological effects of severe injuries
  • Cost of rehabilitation
  • Impact of Limb Loss or fractures on an individual life
  • Impact upon social life, play and hobbies
  • Physical body changes occur from accidents such as burns

Consequently, victims must fully document the complete aspects of the accident. such as date, times, location, people involved, witnesses, medical treatment received, carers support, absences from work, expenses occurred, insurance policies undertaken and so on. The details need to be meticulous for prospective compensation claims and Solicitors will expect to record as much information as possible before providing suitable advice and guidance.

Potential compensation amounts expected can vary and depends upon the circumstances of the accident, and the medium-long term of the incident and any permanent damage which has occurred to the victim and their dependents.

Life altering injuries either for the victim or their dependents if fatal, can be extremely traumatic and distressful and needs to be handled sensitively, professionally and appropriately. Involving suitable medical experts to treat injuries, insurance companies, claims specialists and legal representatives to deal with all the aftermath is very important so that the future can be mitigated in the best manner for the victim and their family.