Accidents At Work

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In busy contemporary societies, people are travelling further and further to places of work, and embracing a wider range of career opportunities available to them. It is inevitable when people spend so much time at places of work that incidents and accidents will occur, which could lead to minor or serious personal injury requiring medical treatment, and in many cases will mean absence from work due to incapacitation. Long term absences due to serious personal injuries may require continuous healthcare, and will affect a person's livelihood and loss of earnings for which suitable compensation from the employer is needed. In many situations, accidents at work could have been avoided if appropriate duty of care measures were properly in place. Health and safety mechanisms at workplaces should be in place permanently, regularly reviewed, maintained and monitored; training and awareness provided to staff and clients as appropriate.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident at work can be dramatic, traumatic and mentally distressful, for which the highest quality of medical care and legal guidance is needed. GC legal claims specialist team is available to handle all the complexities and subtleties of an accident at work (office, construction site, farms, industry) to review all the details of the accident, ascertain where the liability lies, discuss technicalities, estimate a compensation calculator payout sum and discuss strategies to deal with the third parties such as employers, management and governance bodies.

All employers and governance bodies have a legal duty of care to ensure compliance is maintained and sustained, and any weaknesses are reviewed regularly and eliminated without affecting staff and clients health and safety.

Any non-compliances, oversights and negligence can lead to serious, regular injuries at workplaces affecting the lifestyle and livelihood of a person, who may become extremely psychologically stressed, requiring medical care and incurring huge costs for individuals. Costs from healthcare, travel, accommodation, equipment and Carers time can build up to high sums for which some recompensation is required. Furthermore, absences from work and lifestyle changes with subsequent loss of earnings can have a huge impact on family, children, friends, mortgages, rent, household purchases and other sundries which may become limited, scarce and a legal team of Claims Specialists, insurance companies and solicitors needs to be engaged to walk-through the entire compensation claim process, create some peace of mind about recompensation and identify negligence.

An injured individual may have all types of questions in his mind for they would like clarification, such as

    Costs will be recovered from the guilty party and include

  • Will I recover my medical bills
  • Who is liable ?
  • Will my loss of earnings be recovered ?
  • Will my job still be available after recovery or will I still be fit for purpose ?
  • Will my future lifestyle be permanently altered and who will fund this ?
  • How much can i potentially obtain from a compensation claim ?
  • Will my work or care be affected if I make a legal claim ?
  • Who is available to help and support in my situation ?

All employers have a duty of care towards employees through acts such as The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; The Work at Height Regulations 2005 act or ‘Six-Pack’ Regulations 1992 for roles based in a factory; Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER); Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008 and 2011; various EU laws.

During the claims process, any negligent employer cannot sack an employee or cause them any duress - they are protected by law.

Workplaces for which compensation claims are regularly made include offices, agricultural sites, construction sites, warehouses, factories, industrial sites, and many times the employer has failed in maintained health safety regulations and in their duty of care. Some employers regularly fail to maintain equipment safety; poor support scaffolding, racking and shelving; inadequately maintained fork lift trucks and spillages leading to slips, trips or falls.

Regular risk assessments at workplaces can help to identify any weaknesses and mitigation measures put in place (handling heavy loads, personal protective equipment (PPE) provision, proper lighting, heating, signposting and ventilation).

Machinery inadequately maintained causes danger and serious injury, leaving workers physically hurt, mentally distressed and incapacitated for significant periods of time. Proper record keeping, training, reviews, following of correct procurement procedures, maintenance upkeep and defects need to be reviewed regularly, with weaknesses being rectified on an ongoing basis. These are the duties of employers and management to ensure a safe working environment from all angles, it is not the employees duty and not their responsibility.

Industrial factory accidents in workplaces can be quite serious and is usually due to employer negligence in many cases even though they have a duty of care towards their staff and clients. There are numerous rules and laws within the UK and EU governing working practices, health safety regulations, equipment and machinery guidelines, etc, which provide adequate mechanisms and measures for the safety of all employees and reduce / prevent accidents from occurring if followed fully.

Suitable recompensation for injured parties is the least they deserve, for the harm and injury which has taken place, to recover losses due to costs of medical treatment, travel/accommodation expenses, psychological impact and earnings from work.

Sometimes employees maybe scared about repercussions from employers if they make a compensation claim for their personal injury, but they need not worry because they are legally protected.

Agricultural accidents in places such as farms, can be extremely dangerous and life threatening. Many farms have poor safety records, with animals, heavy machinery, exposure dust, chemicals and many diverse stock on site.

There are a diverse range of hazards in farms which can cause accidents, such as, dangers from cattle, livestock and machinery; height falls; high noise levels; slurry pits, asbestos, chemical contaminants and other dangerous substances. Many farmers operate as sub-contractors for larger businesses. Many injuries and diseases can arise a result, for example, asbestosis, dust allergies, pneumonias, fevers, coughs, chest pains, shortness of breath, dermatitis and skin allergies.

The GC legal team of experts will endeavour to clarify, simplify and investigate the compensation claims processes for information gathering, collation, calculating and negotiating a final payout sum for the personal injury.

Industrial accidents in warehouses, construction and factories, can cause long term diseases, allergies and injuries such as deafness, chemical injuries, vibration white finger, RSI, RIDDOR and gas poisoning for example.

It is important that health and safety policies are implemented to ensure workplace and staff security, and industrial accidents are reduced / prevented as a consequence of poor training, lack of PPE, vehicle accidents, machine failures, poor electrical safety, items lying around and lifting.

Employers also have a duty of care to prevent office accidents by improved safety and training. Employers are duty bound to undertake liability insurance cover which includes slips, trips and falls by untidy electrical cables, wet floors, faulty equipment, obstacles and files lying around.

The actual amount of a compensation claim awarded can vary for each personal injury case and depends upon the exact circumstances of the accident. In most situations the final case will be handled on a no win no fee agreement and the client will receive the full amount of the compensation award.

All clients who would like to make a compensation claim should immediately contact GCs team of legal experts for advice and guidance about the personal injury claims process and make a claim against the negligent party.

GCs team of Solicitors can provide details of any non win no fee agreements for any potential personal injury compensation claim.

Estimated compensation claim amounts are worked out using a compensation calculator and these amounts are used as a benchmark to negotiate a successful payout from the negligent party.

GC, as a Compensation Claims Specialists can provide you with the best service possible.

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